What is the Staff to Camper ratio?

At full capacity, we have a maximum of 30 to 35 per classroom. We employ four university level instructors, two high school instructors, plus many wonderful volunteers. Each classroom will have two university level instructors, one high school instructors plus no less than three volunteers. With this amount of staff, Superior Science camps strive to keep our staff to camper ratio at the lowest possible level. Our programs usually have a ratio of 1:4 or 1:5 depending on the age group.

Who are Superior Science's Instructors? What are their qualifications?

Our staff is comprised of teacher's college students, university science and engineering students and high school students (both staff and volunteers). University aged students are all trained in Standard First Aid and CPR Level C (at minimum). 

Are the camps different from last year?

Yes. We create distinct camps every year! Our university instructors work extremely hard during the off season in order to create brand new activities for your child.

What weeks does camp run?

Camp weeks change every year based on the calendar, as well as the age groups that are most in demand. For the summer of 2019 camp schedule, please visit our Summer Camp 2019 page.

Is lunch provided for the summer camp?

No we do not provide lunch, however there is an optional pizza lunch on Fridays. Campers can purchase either pepperoni or cheese pizza for $2.00 per slice. Orders and payment must be given to the instructors no later than Thursday evening at 5:00 PM. 

What should my child bring to camp?

Further information will be included when you receive your parent information package in June, but generally this is what we ask our campers to bring everyday:

  • Lunch and Snacks: We have two snack periods and one lunch period, we ask that you bring peanut-free options to accommodate campers who may have an allergy

  • Superior Science Camper T-Shirts: Your child will receive their t-shirt on the first day of camp and we ask that they continue to wear this shirt for the duration of the week. This helps us keep track of all our campers.

  • Sunscreen, Hat and Water Bottles: We will do outdoor activities and we regularly eat lunch outside, we ask that you pack proper sun protection for your child and a water bottle to make sure they are well hydrated.

Can I request that my child be put in a different age group?

Depending on the circumstances, different age groups may be arranged. We suggest that your child only moves up or down an age group by one level (e.g., if your child is going into grade five, you could potentially arrange to put him in the Circuit group or the Gadget group, but not the Sprocket group). Please contact the directors for more information.

What building/room is the camp located in?

To protect the safety and privacy of our campers that information is not made publicly available. Parents will receive an information package upon registration that will detail where you can drop-off and pick-up your child, and will receive information on their child's camp room location only on the first day of camp.

Do you go outdoors? Are all of the activities science related or are there sports too?

Superior Science strives for a balance of all activities, whether that is a balance between science and engineering, or indoors and outdoors activities! Campers get to be in real university labs and classrooms for many activities, but we also love to go outside! Weather permitting we go outside for lunch, as well as for our pick-up and drop-off. Some of our activities also require us to go outdoors, such as some of our science related games (e.g., the survival game!). We may also explore the physics behind some sports.

What activities will my child do at camp? Can I see the schedule?

Every May & June our University Instructors work extremely hard to develop brand new content for our campers. We don't want to give away all the exciting activities we have planned, but, we will cover STEM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). This will include numerous subjects in science (Animal and Plant Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Ecology, etc.), technology (we have new programming called codemakers that we are currently integrating into our camp), engineering (building and developing numerous prototypes and projects) and incorporating math (budgets, counting, etc.). Every year we also allow the kids to experience a dissection in our university lab rooms.

At the end of each camp week, we host a Parent Showcase where our University Instructors provide parents with an overview of everything their child did at camp during the week. 

Because we like the campers to be surprised each day when they come to camp, we do not currently provide parents with our camp schedules. If you would like more insight as to what your child will be doing during camp, please don't hesitate to contact the directors. We may be able to provide you with examples of activities that have been completed in past camps. 

Do you go on field trips?

Yes and no. Superior Science summer programs keeps all of our activities on campus - but we do get to tour all kinds of cool labs on campus! The Superior Science Girl's Club does have an off campus excursion at the last meeting, as it is easier to manage with a smaller group and greater number of adult supervisors.