2018 Superior Science Staff



Nick (director)

My name is Nick and I just graduated from Applied Bio-Molecular Science at Lakehead University! I am super excited to be working at Superior Science again this summer as a director. I began my Superior Science journey in 2002 when I was a camper. I loved getting to learn new things at camp and understanding how things we use everyday work. After being a camper for a number of years, I was a volunteer, and for three summers, I was a Junior Instructor helping in the camp rooms, and also an instructor teaching and running the classroom. Superior Science sparked my interest in science when I was a camper and led me to studying here at Lakehead University. I hope that the campers will have a lot of fun this summer with our new activities, while learning that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is fun and that there is an area of science for everyone!


Ashley (Director)

Hi there! My name is Ashley and I will be entering my fourth year of chemical engineering this fall at Lakehead University. My interest in science began when I was a camper myself at Superior Science and has only grown throughout the years that I’ve been involved with the program! I have had the privilege to work with Superior Science as a Volunteer, Junior Instructor, Instructor and now I am very excited to be back for another summer as a Director. It has been highly rewarding to enable campers to immerse themselves in all the different areas of STEM in a fun and stimulating environment. I hope to be a positive role model and continue to spark an interest in science for the campers just as others have done for me! I am super excited for what I know will be another great summer and I look forward to meeting everyone!



Stacy (Instructor)

Hey there! My name is Stacy and I will be going into my third year of the Medical Sciences program at Western University. I’m super excited to be returning to Superior Science this summer as an instructor. Science has always been a big part of my life and I’ve always loved getting to learn and explore new ideas. Perhaps this is what drew me into Superior Science many years ago as a camper. After being a camper for several summers, I was a volunteer, Junior Instructor and eventually a University instructor. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to introduce kids to the broad fields of science and to show them how fun and applicable science can be. I know this is going to be a fantastic summer and I can’t wait!



Nicole (Instructor)

Hi! My name is Nicole and I will be going into my second year of Applied Life Sciences (with a concentration in biomedical sciences) this fall at Lakehead University. I am very excited to be an instructor at Superior Science this year, and look forward to making many memories. I have had a passion for science from a very young age, and look forward to sparking that same passion in the campers this year. I believe it is very important for youth in Northern Ontario to be able to experience STEM activities early on, and hope I will be able to help them find a field they love. I look forward to providing a positive and inspiring environment, and hope every camper will be able to leave with a new set of valuable skills. 


Devan (Instructor)

Hello! My name is Devan and I am very exited to join the superior science team again this summer as a senior Intructor! I am currently on track to study my second year of Electrical Engineering at Lakehead University and can’t wait to share my enthusiasm and knowledge about technology with everyone. I began my journey with superior science when I was a camper and have stayed with the program ever since by volunteering, working as a junior instructor, and returning this summer as an Instructor. I believe that the maths and sciences appear scary to many children when taught in school, because of this I strive to provide an inclusive take on learning with lots of activities to show how fun science really is. I hope this will be another amazing summer and can’t wait to help each camper find his/her interest in a region of the STEM field!


Michael (Instructor)

Hello!  My name is Michael and I am going into my fourth year in Biology with a Concentration in Animal Sciences at Lakehead University. I am happy to be part of the Superior Science team this year as I have loved science all my life and have pursued the animal science field since graduating high school.  I have since been volunteering and working at different veterinary clinics in Toronto and Thunder Bay, working at a research institute for the last year and now contributing to the community’s love for Science by being the best University instructor I can.  My goal as an University instructor is to use my passion for the STEM subjects to help spark the campers interest and show that being interested in Science, technology, engineering and mathematics can be fun and fulfilling.  I am excited to be apart of such an amazing community of campers and instructors that are willing to take part of the Superior Science camp this summer and have an amazing experience doing so!


Nick (Cancode Instructor)

Hi! I’m the other Nick at Superior Science this summer, and I'll be developing a brand new curriculum for our new CanCode program at Superior Science with Michael C, the other CanCode instructor this summer. This is my second summer with Superior Science and I'm excited to be back and able to improve the programming we offer in the computer and technology areas of our camp! I'll be entering my fourth year of Applied Bio-Molecular Science here at Lakehead University this fall, and I’m excited to share my love of all fields of science with campers. I can't wait to expand both my knowledge of coding as well as the knowledge of all campers this summer. Superior Science allows me to combine my love of teaching and science, and I’m honoured to be a part of it. A lot of fun and innovative activities are being planned, so I can’t wait for the awesome summer ahead of us! 







Michael (Cancode Instructor)

Hey there!! My name is Michael and I will be entering my 3rdyear of Kinesiology at Lakehead University! I am VERY excited to be working at Superior Science again this summer! Since I was a child, I have always had a vast passion for science. I have always found it interesting learning how things work and applying those concepts to everyday life. This will be my third summer working at Superior Science, but my position this year will be a tad different compared to past years. In my first summer working at Superior Science, I was a Junior Instructor and learned a lot of different things from the children that have really stuck with me through my life. In my second year working at Superior Science, I was a University Instructor and really enjoyed teaching students on different things about science! Even though I am still very young, I have seen many trends within STEM that have been changing over the years. With that being said, there is a stronger emphasis on technology and computer sciences. This year, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a CanCode Instructor alongside Nick! We are both very excited to have the chance to integrate more and more technology in our summer camps through different ways like coding, 3D printing, and many other things! Lastly, I have always had a strong passion of inspiring and teaching other people how the world around us works, which is why I especially love working here!