Ms McDonald

Superior Science is proud to announce that we are part of the CanCode initiative and our youth engagement in coding activities will be higher than ever this year! This initiative strives to provide access to a technology based education for all youth across Canada. To do this, we will be incorporating all new technologies including 3D printers, Makey Makeys with scratch coding, Ozobots and more into our workshops, community events, and summer camps! By exposing campers to these technologies, we will provide them with the resources to develop programming skills that they can apply to solve real life problems. We realize how important it is for the youth of Northwestern Ontario to expand their technological skills since this is what drives our modern society and has promising aspects for the future.  Our goal is to help our campers not only understand how to use technology but to learn how it works and see how technological advances are present in their everyday lives. We strongly believe that all youth should have the access to the resources to improve these digital skills and by doing so, we give them the opportunity to drive our future to new potentials.