2019 Superior Science Staff



MICHAEL (director)


Hey there! My name is Michael and I just finished my 3rd year of Kinesiology at Lakehead University! I am VERY excited to be working at Superior Science as a Director! Since I was a child, I have always had a vast passion for science. I have always found it interesting learning how things work and applying those concepts to everyday life. This will be my third year working at Superior Science, but my position this year will be a tad different compared to past years. In my first summer working at Superior Science, I was a Junior Instructor and learned a lot of different things from the children that have really stuck with me through my life. In my second year working at Superior Science, I was a University Instructor and really enjoyed teaching students on different things about science! Last summer, I had the opportunity to be a CanCode Instructor, which allowed me to teach new coding activities to campers. I have always had a strong passion of inspiring and teaching other people how the world around us works, which is why I especially love working here!


Ashley (Director)


Hi there! My name is Ashley and I just finished my fourth year of chemical engineering at Lakehead University. My interest in science began when I was a camper myself at Superior Science and has only grown throughout the years that I’ve been involved with the program! I have had the privilege to work with Superior Science as a Volunteer, Junior Instructor, Instructor and now I am very excited to be back for another summer as a Director. It has been highly rewarding to enable campers to immerse themselves in all the different areas of STEM in a fun and stimulating environment. I hope to be a positive role model and continue to spark an interest in science for the campers just as others have done for me! I am super excited for what I know will be another great year and I look forward to meeting everyone!



Stas (instructor)


Hi! My name is Stas and I’m going into my 2nd year of Applied Life Sciences at Lakehead University! I’m super excited as this is my first year as a University Instructor at Superior Science! I have been interested in STEM from a young age and have loved science all of my life. I am also super interested in music, sports, being active and love hanging out with family and friends! I’m really looking forward to working for Superior Science this year and providing a fun and educational atmosphere for everybody!!


Katie (Instructor)


Hi! My name is Katie and I am going into my second year of neuroscience biology at Lakehead University. I am very excited to start my first summer as an Instructor and to meet all the campers! My Superior Science path started as a young camper and, eventually, a volunteer, opening my eyes to my never-ending love of science. I am passionate about all areas of science, including biology, chemistry, space, and genetics. I am really looking forward to sharing my love of science with the next generation of young scientists and to be a positive and fun role model for the upcoming summer!


Tyler (Instructor)


Hello! My name is Tyler and I am going into my 3rd year of Physics with Concurrent Education at Lakehead University. This is my first summer working with Superior Science and I am super excited! I have worked for a number of different summer camps in the past and they have all helped me discover my passion for working with students in a fun and educational environment. I can’t wait to work with Superior Science and help students find a passion and curiosity for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics!


Isabella (Instructor)


Hi there! My name is Isabella and I just finished my first year of Biology at Lakehead University. Over the years I have developed an interest in science and technology and cannot wait to share my knowledge with the children attending Superior Science. Apart from science, I have a real passion for the arts including dance and theater. I have been dancing since the age of three and in that time I have volunteered in classes of all ages, and am now teaching classes of my own. By working with kids for the majority of my life I have become very comfortable as a teacher. As well as I have developed many new skills that will help me succeed at Superior Science this summer.