2019 Superior Science Staff



MICHAEL (director)


Hey there! My name is Michael and I just finished my 3rd year of Kinesiology at Lakehead University! I am VERY excited to be working at Superior Science as a Director! Since I was a child, I have always had a vast passion for science. I have always found it interesting learning how things work and applying those concepts to everyday life. This will be my third year working at Superior Science, but my position this year will be a tad different compared to past years. In my first summer working at Superior Science, I was a Junior Instructor and learned a lot of different things from the children that have really stuck with me through my life. In my second year working at Superior Science, I was a University Instructor and really enjoyed teaching students on different things about science! Last summer, I had the opportunity to be a CanCode Instructor, which allowed me to teach new coding activities to campers. I have always had a strong passion of inspiring and teaching other people how the world around us works, which is why I especially love working here!


Isabella (Director)


Hi there! My name is Isabella and I just finished my first year of Biology at Lakehead University. Over the years I have developed an interest in science and technology and cannot wait to share my knowledge with the children attending Superior Science. Apart from science, I have a real passion for the arts including dance and theater. I have been dancing since the age of three and in that time I have volunteered in classes of all ages, and am now teaching classes of my own. By working with kids for the majority of my life I have become very comfortable as a teacher. As well as I have developed many new skills that will help me succeed at Superior Science this summer.


Nick (Code club director)


Hey everyone! My name is Nick and I am a second-year masters student here at Lakehead University. I am super excited to be working at Superior Science again this year as the Code Club Coordinator. I began my Superior Science journey in 2002 when I was a camper. I loved getting to learn new things at camp and understanding how things we use every day work. Superior Science sparked my interest in science when I was a camper and led me to studying here at Lakehead University. I hope that the campers will have a lot of fun with our new activities, while learning about new things related to technology! I am really excited to meet everyone at the first Code Club meeting and introduce them to our super cool technology!


Jocelyn (Girls Club Coordinator)


Hey everyone! My name is Jocelyn and I am excited to be back again this year as the Coordinator of Superior Science’s Girls Club! My Superior Science story began when I was a camper and Girls Club member back in 2002-2005. During those sessions, my interest in science was sparked and has only grown as I discovered more and more about STEM.  I am currently a PhD Candidate in Lakehead’s Medical Biotechnology program where I am conducting research at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.  I have been at Lakehead for eight years now having earned my HBSc in Applied Bio-Molecular Science, an MBA, and a MSc in Biology. Superior Science has been a part of my life at Lakehead since my first year where I was an instructor for two summers before becoming Director of the program for the following two years. But my journey with Superior Science didn’t end there. While earning my MBA, I moved into the Girls Club Coordinator position and have been here for the past four years. We have a great team again this year and I hope the girls each find an area of science that they can connect with!


Nicole (Club instructor)


Hello! My name is Nicole and I am in my third year of Applied Life Sciences at Lakehead University. After being an instructor at Superior Science in the summer of 2018, and volunteering at Girls Club and Code Club ever since, I am so excited to be back this year as the Club instructor! I have had a passion for science from a very young age and look forward to sparking that same passion in the campers this year. I have extensive experience working with children, and I have found a true love for STEM education through Superior Science. I believe it is very important for youth in Northern Ontario to be able to experience STEM activities early on, and I look forward to helping them find a field they love. I am excited to provide a positive and inspiring environment, and I hope every camper will be able to leave with a new set of valuable skills!