Superior Science - Code Club


about Code Club:

As part of Superior Science’s CanCode initiative, we are continuing our Code Club this upcoming year! We are excited to continue our work of immersing the youth of Thunder Bay in a technology based program where they can make friends with each other as well as with science. Due to the funding we received from Actua in partnership with the government of Canada, we are able to run this program at no cost! Our young coders will come to Lakehead University to hang out with our CanCode team and make use of the many technologies that Superior Science has to offer in a completely new and exciting way. With so much success from last years Code Club, we are confident that it will be great!


general information:

  • We will run two rounds of the same programming to ensure we are able to reach as many youth as possible. The first will run from September – November 2019 and the second from January – April 2020.

  • Available for kids in grades 4 to 8

  • A total of 4 monthly meetings

  • Cost: FREE

  • Snacks at each meeting are included

  • Meeting time: Saturday from 1:00pm until 3:00pm

  • We will meet in the Agora Circle at Lakehead University for pick up and drop off



The schedule of tentative meetings can be found below.

Code Club Dates 2019-2020.png